One Mountain Down--One More Mountain to Climb

We are over a week into mail in ballots and they still have not officially called the race. However, I think it's safe to say that my current lead of 298 votes is safe and outside the automatic recount level.

First, I want to tip my hat to my opponent Bill Miskell. He is an honorable man and ran a clean campaign. He chose to run a professional campaign and focused SOLELY on the issues of the voters. That doesn't happen too often in partisan politics and it's refreshing to see. There was a great photo taken of Bill and I at the Brunswick Days event about three weeks before the primary where we were just talking about music. He's an accomplished drummer. Maybe someday, their band will need a trombone player and I'll get an audition?

Secondly, the next stage of this campaign is about to begin. We have a two-term incumbent to beat in November and that will not be easy. Jerry Donald will have the strength of the Democratic Central Committee, the State Democratic Party, the 'Apple Ballot', and several other prominent politicians who would love to see nothing better than Frederick County be transformed into Montgomery County-North!

We are going to start an aggressive grass-roots campaign that will be coordinated with other County/Statewide Republican candidates in Frederick County to win the votes of the Independents in this District.

This election is so important. Republican turnout in November needs to be at record levels. If we can turnout as a party we will win nearly every election in Frederick County! That's just from a numbers standpoint.

Finally, let's unite this party and do something special in Frederick County this fall! The primaries were very contentious in some circumstances. Let's put the primaries in the rear view mirror and let's go out and win AS A PARTY!!!! I want to firmly remind people that we haven't won a thing yet! The only thing that matters is our performance in November! If we lay a goose-egg in November, than it's all for naught.

Please consider volunteering in this election cycle. If not for me than any one of the excellent Republican Candidates running this cycle!

God Bless Us All

John Distel

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