Ninety Days Down And We're Nowhere Close to Done!

As I enter my third month as a candidate for office, I attended my first 'high visibility' event. The Maryland GOP Red, White, and Blue Dinner. I am really still feeling out how to campaign. At this event, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was the key note speaker. He spoke for about an hour and his message was very clear. Be strong but smile! While not fair to Secretary Pompeo to reduce an hour of his remarks into four words. That was the message I received.

Notably absent from this event was our Governor and Lt. Governor. They could have been there but I did not see him nor their security detail. There were several high profile Republican candidates across the state notably absent. Now, I don't know their work schedules or family situations so it's not fair to say "so and so snubbed" X (this is an observation I have seen for several years but I notice it more as a candidate).

I could have used this event as a photo opportunity with several of the high profile elected politicians like but I didn't because that event was not about me. Still, I should have done a little bit of that. However, I made connections where people wanted to engage and speak about the state of the Republican Party in Maryland (far more than I ever would have thought). There were things I saw that I didn't like too. Things I am going to have to get into my brain that are a part of entering politics. One of them is fundraising!

Asking people to donate money is not my favorite part of this whole process. Unfortunately, I am not a multi-millionaire so self-financing a campaign is not feasible. I'm getting over that fear of picking up the phone and having those calls. I know some people just do not have spare cash laying around. I am going to be asking for everyone's help. If you can, please donate to the campaign. I am not asking for much. If you can spare $5, $10, $20...Please do so. I looked at my FB friends list. I calculated that if each one gave $10, this campaign would be off to a flying head start.

Every candidate I have spoken too has some angst about how the lines are going to be drawn. I trust Walter Olson and his commission will do the right thing and work to the Governor's mandate. Where I am less confident is the end product after Speaker Adrienne Jones and Senate President Bill Ferguson are done manipulating the map. How they finalize the lines will not affect me on how I run this campaign. I am going to work just as hard even if I end up losing my voter base due to partisan politics. The Congressional Districts, as drawn by Mr. Olson's commission, would be the fairest in the nation. Maryland would be the model of what it should look like as opposed to the glaring example of partisan gerrymandering.

One of my favorite parts of campaigning is going out and meeting people. Our campaign has a viable message and is a winning message. In the coming days, I am going to start door knocking and sign waving in neighborhoods where I might be representing. I want to get in front of the voters and get that message out to as many as possible.

Everyone have a great day

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